February 3rd- 5th, 2025 in Thailand
Chiang Mai / Where Tradition Meets Tranquility
5th Global Symposium on Business and Social Sciences
As the pandemic restrictions ease, the tourism market is experiencing a retaliatory growth. According to the Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO), the number of international visitors to Japan in the first half of 2024 has increased by 11.6% compared to the same period in 2019, before the pandemic. Venice, the water city of Italy, sees an influx of 200,000 tourists daily.
While the influx of tourists can stimulate the economy, it also poses significant pressure on the environment. Faced with such issues, different countries have adopted various approaches. Italy has decided to pilot the collection of a "tourist tax" starting from 2024. Visitors entering the old city area are required to register online and pay €5. In Japan, both private and official sectors advocate for promoting ecotourism that respects local communities. They encourage a "short-term residency tour" (Staycation) model that emphasizes local planting, local cuisine, and experiencing local culture.
Balancing revenue generation and environmental pressure is an inevitable and crucial issue for businesses today. Therefore, this year's conference has designated "Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)" as the theme. Colleagues are welcomed to submit contributions related to these topics.
ESG Investment Strategies and Financial Performance
Discuss how ESG investment strategies impact a company's financial performance and long-term growth.
Balancing Ecological Protection and Economic Development
Explore how to promote economic growth while protecting the ecological environment.
Renewable Energy and the Green Economy
Discuss the development of renewable energy technologies and their impact on the green economy.
Circular Economy Models and Corporate Innovation
Explore the application of circular economy models in business operations and their role in reducing environmental pressure.
Regulatory and Policy Frameworks for ESG
Discuss the impact of ESG regulations and policy frameworks on corporate behavior in different countries and regions.
Climate Change Risk Management and Corporate Response Strategies
Explore how companies can manage the risks posed by climate change and implement appropriate response strategies.
Environmental Technology Innovation and Market Opportunities
Discuss the latest innovations in environmental technology and their applications and opportunities in the market.
Integrating Corporate Culture with Sustainable Development
Explore how to incorporate sustainable development principles into corporate culture and daily operations.
Sustainable Management of Global Supply Chains
Discuss the challenges and solutions for sustainable management within global supply chains.
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